what to expect at life church

Just so you know what you're walking into....we are a community of Christ-followers who love Jesus, but each of us are still in process.  None of us have arrived, including the pastors. We have imperfect messy lives, but we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and with each other. So our one goal together is to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus based on the Bible. We try to do this with every interaction we have - whether on Sunday mornings at our SUNDAY EXPERIENCE @ 10:30am, or at any of our groups that meet during the week. So welcome!  We are glad you are here!  And we believe that God has something awesome for you!

  • wondering what to wear?

    Most of the people at Life Church dress very casual.  There are a few people that might dress nicely.  We just encourage you to dress comfortably.  Pastor Tony wears business casual most Sundays.

  • MAY WE SUGGEST ArrivING Just a little bit early?

    We suggest arriving at around 10:15am to come in, get the kids checked in, and then find a seat in the auditorium.  

  • Where to park?

    Our guest parking is in the front marked by blue signs and blue curb stops.  Please feel free to park in a guest parking spot.  If not, we have a very large parking lot.  If the parking lot is full, you can park across the street in the Emporia High School parking lot and walk across.  

  • which building do we walk into?

    Life Church has two main buildings (besides the garage in back) on the property.  The metal building (to the left) is our Christian Education Building and the Main Building is the bigger stone faced building to the right.  You will enter through one of the two main doors on the front of the Main Building.  

  • front doors to our foyer

    When you arrive in the foyer you will be greeted by a Host Team person who will look to help you get settled.  If you have children, you can check them into one of the LC LITTLES nurseries or LC KIDS.  (our nurseries are split up into three different groups and the ages range from 0-4 yrs)(LC Kids is for ages 5 through 5th grade).  Your kids will have a blast in our ministries designed just for them.

  • the kids

    Just so you know, your children will be participating in LC Littles or in LC Kids from 10:30am to about 12pm while you are in the Sunday Experience in the auditorium.  Each of these ministries to kids have a game time, a Bible story time, a snack time, and many times a craft time.  When you check your kids into their appropriate places, please make sure you let the workers know if they have any allergies.  All of our workers have had background checks and are screened and approved to work with children/youth.  

  • Sunday morning experience

    (Worship, prayer, and message from scripture)

    Each Sunday, our Sunday Morning Experience consists of a time of contemporary worship, prayer time, a message from scripture from one of our pastors, and a response time.  Our goal is to allow God's Spirit to work in our lives through the Word of God (the Bible) and His Spirit, and to leave encouraged and empowered to live your life for God.