Cultivating Revelation

Cultivating Revelation

Have you ever stopped to think about our need, as spiritual people, to hear from God?  It’s the idea behind revelation. You may ask, What is revelation?  Well, it’s God revealing what’s needed into the circumstances and situations we face in life. And there are 2 kinds of revelation:

1. Special revelation - When we hear God speak through specific truths in scripture.
2. Natural (general) revelation - When we hear God speak through nature.

There are some things in our lives that can prevent revelation. For instance, if there is unconfessed sin in our lives, that can prevent us from God revealing what’s needed.  

It’s so important as believers that we hear from God and have His direction and guidance in life. My prayer is that you are experiencing His presence and that He is revealing Himself to you through the Scriptures as well as His Spirit’s leading.

Pastor Tony Lantz
Lead Pastor - Life Church

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